Author: Dr. Raj Thamotheram

  • What can (senior) investment professionals do in their private capacity?

    As with all change initiatives, there is a strong personal change component to becoming a universal owner and this is especially true for senior executives and the board of directors. This section is relevant to asset owners and investment managers & related commercial investment service providers – even if your firm won’t endorse universal ownership…

  • What can each asset owner do?

    Stop chasing the ‘perfect’ data set for system level investing. Given the reality that ESG/senior management time and financial resources are limited, redirect some of energy from “integration” to boost “stewardship” but ensure that the stewardship is genuinely fit for purpose ie it really does address systemic threats/risks in the real world (aka “forceful stewardship”).

  • What can asset owners do together?

    Collective action is critical for shaping the Path and the Path is often more important than the Rider or the Elephant. It is easier to be more courageous in company and the herd instinct amongst investors is very real. Finally systemic challenges can’t be addressed without collective action by assertive action by asset owners. National…